Monitor Anytime

On Your Desktop or On-The-Go!

AccuBin™ is a comprehensive, cloud-based, materials management system that allows you to remotely monitor inventory through a user-friendly dashboard. For most of us, there are not enough hours in the day. Between daily tasks, meetings, and last-minute emergencies, we welcome anything that features convenience. Instead of weighing your team down with the manual silo inventory management, simply login to the AccuBin app.

AccuBin is easy to install, easy to use, and provides accurate data for silo inventory management through a user- friendly app. With the ability to monitor from anywhere, users are always in control of their inventory programs. No matter your location, this software provides a secure platform to view both real-time and historical trends. AccuBin runs a self-diagnostic test if level and weight sensor failure occurs and adjusts inventory data based on remaining sensors. Silo level monitoring systems allow you to proactively manage, track and access vital inventory data without having to touch the bin.

Remote materials management transformed the inventory world, giving users access through their desktop and mobile devices. Delivery schedules and status, system notifications, and real- time bulk solid inventory levels are at your fingertips. Users no longer stress all weekend about what is happening at your plant, waiting until Monday morning to react to emergencies. Use AccuBin to keep your team in “the know”.