Cut Cost

Cut Costs. Improve Profits.

AccuBin™ allows you to proactively track your inventory. This helps prevent costs such as off-hour and weekend deliveries, haul-backs, outages, daily physical inventory, etc. . Analyzing inventory history and using a patented software algorithm, AccuBin accurately predicts when vessels are going to be empty.

The more efficient your inventory and deliveries, the more costs your facility saves. Receive real-time confirmation from AccuBin when and where deliveries take place at your site. This allows you to optimize deliveries and avoid costly expedites. Using smart inventory management allows you to stay ahead of the demand curve.

Inventory insights at your fingertips help you reconcile inventory quickly and efficiently to keep your facility on the right track. Remote inventory management helps determine how much inventory you need to have on-hand. In turn, implementing this technology helps prevent product shortages. Look across all your vessels, no matter the location, to optimize supply chain costs. Accurate financial reports are crucial for companies.

Your time, employee’s time, delivery driver’s time, it all costs the company. Remote inventory management is a great time-saving tool for you and your team. There is no need to waste time and resources manually measuring inventory when silo software can do the hard work for you.