Secured, Accurate Data.

AccuBin™ Inventory Management delivers a single pane of glass view of silo level measurements and bin level measurements, along with consumption rates, and other operational information. These inventory programs can be viewed on your desktop or on-the-go! Analyzing inventory history and using a patented software algorithm, AccuBin™ accurately predicts when vessels are going to be empty. Similar to traffic lights, color-coded indicators are clearly defined for normal, warning and critical levels. From end user to logistics, manager to service professional, this easy to implement platform keeps your team in the know. This allows you to optimize deliveries and avoid costly expedites.

AccuBin™ Inventory Management is designed to eliminate the unnecessary stress and guess work from silo inventory management. AccuBin™ diagnostics will compensate for level sensor and weight sensor issues and continue to calculate accurate inventory data. Troubleshoot inventory issues remotely to eliminate emergencies occurring, especially those outages that always seem to pop up “after-hours”.

Silos and other vessels present huge safety hazards. Remotely accessing inventory data eliminates having to climb vessels or travel to multiple locations to collect inventory data. Create the safest workspace possible with the help of AccuBin™ technology. Also, rest easy knowing that your inventory data is secured. With AccuBin™, data is encrypted and stored in the cloud. This information can only be accessed via proper user credentials. Each user will have continuous visibility of inventory status.