About AccuBin™ Inventory Management

Built from a solid foundation in world-class measurement equipment, AccuBin™ Inventory Management is brought to you by the makers of Bindicator® and Kistler-Morse®. This solution as a service joins forces of industry leaders in level and weigh measurement tools for dry bulk solid applications. Whether you are trying to minimize unnecessary costs or reconcile your inventory, the AccuBin smart inventory management system allows you to be proactive. Eliminate the guesswork and stress with daily management of your inventory. Proactively track, save costs and build confidence in your inventory data. AccuBin specializes in user-friendly dashboards to help you make decisions more efficiently.

AccuBin™ is an Anderson-Negele brand. Please find here the Terms and Conditions of Anderson-Negele which apply to AccuBin™ products.
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Cut Costs

AccuBin™ Smart Inventory Management provides inventory insights at your fingertips that allow you to reconcile inventory quickly and efficiently to keep your facility on the right track. Proactively track your inventory to prevent costs such as off-hour and weekend deliveries, haul-backs, outages, daily physical inventory, etc. Learn more »

Be Confident in Your Inventory

Analyzing inventory history and using a patented software algorithm, AccuBin™ accurately predicts when vessels are going to be empty. Troubleshoot inventory issues remotely to eliminate emergencies occurring, especially those outages that always seem to pop up “after- hours”. Learn more »

Monitor Anytime. Anywhere.

AccuBin™ is a cloud based inventory management system that allows you to remotely monitor inventory through a user-friendly dashboard. Giving visibility to your inventory levels, consumption rates, and other operational information on your desktop or on-the-go! Learn more »