Inventory Management for Plastic

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AccuBin™ is a comprehensive, cloud-based, inventory management system that allows you to remotely monitor inventory through a user-friendly dashboard. This software provides a secure platform to view both real-time and historical trends in your inventory data. AccuBin™ is designed to eliminate the stress and guess work out of bulk solid inventory management.

Proactively Manage Inventory

Gain access to real time inventory information. Proactively track your inventory to cut costs such as off-hour and weekend deliveries, haul-backs, outages, daily physical inventory, etc. Make better decision faster.

Account for Material Loss

Address material loss concerns daily, rather than monthly. Inventory reconciliation is made easy through user-specific notifications and inventory history data and trends. Inventory levels at your fingertips allow you to reconcile inventory quickly and efficiently to keep your facility on the right track.

Streamline Deliveries

Predict when vessels are going to be empty. Optimize deliveries and avoid costly expedites. Receive real-time confirmation when and where deliveries take place at your site. These features allow you to streamline your delivery schedule and meet production needs.

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