Right Material. Right Bin. Right Time.

Built from a solid foundation in world-class measurement equipment, AccuBin™ Inventory Management is a silo level monitoring system brought to you by the makers of Bindicator and Kistler-Morse. Our comprehensive solution as a service joins forces of industry leaders in weigh and bulk level measurement. Whether you are trying to minimize costs or reconcile your inventory, the AccuBin smart inventory management system allows you to be proactively track, save costs and build confidence in your inventory data.

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User notifications

Inventory reconciliation is made easy through AccuBin™ user customizable notifications. Receive immediate notifications when inventory reaches “warning” and “critical” levels, and to confirm deliveries.


Silos and other vessels present huge safety hazards. Remotely accessing your inventory eliminates having to climb vessels or travel to multiple locations to collect inventory data. Create the safest work space possible with the help of AccuBin™ technology.


Dashboard AccuBin™ cloud-based inventory management system remotely monitors your inventory through a user-friendly dashboard. Giving visibility to your inventory levels, consumption rates, real-time and historical trends, and other operational information on your desktop or on-the-go through a single pane of glass!


Each user will have continuous visibility of inventory data they are are responsible for in their role at your company. From end user to logistics, manager to service professional, this easy to implement platform keeps every member of your team knowledgeable and well-equipped to reach their goals.

Data Security

Rest easy knowing that your inventory data is as secure as your banking information. With AccuBin™, data is encrypted and stored in the highly protected cloud. AccuBin™ can only be accessed via proper user credentials.

Delivery Confirmation

Receive real-time confirmation from AccuBin™ when and where deliveries take place at your site. According to user preference, AccuBin™ will push notifications via text or email to report deliveries and confirm that the right material is in the right bin.